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Who thrives in Global Supply Chain?

We're driven by bold visions and exciting transformation. Global Supply Chain is for people who are genuinely passionate about moving supply chains forward. Those who are self-motivated to approach problems from different angles and always strive to make good performances great. If this is you, then you will feel included and connected to like-minded colleagues here - whoever you are and wherever you're from.

Our People

From leaders to collaborators. Meet our team.

Whether we need to figure out the fastest way to get a product to market, overcome a complex logistical challenge or identify fresh opportunities for new business, we rely on experts who excel when they come together. As professionals, we not only go by process - we use our judgement to react and get results.

Meet Björn

Senior Manager Print, Initiatives (PCC Project Coordination and Control) Specification Expertise

Our new Global Supply Chain Hub is the next step in our journey to change for the better; with the new End to End approach, it will offer a great opportunity to gather great capabilities in one place and make the most out of it by collaboration. New joiners can look for opportunities to make an impact. Lots of initiatives have changed the way we operate for the better that have started with one individual that was able to recognise the opportunity.

It's a great place to grow as an individual, and a professional. You'll be heard if and when you share ideas and proposals for actions, finding solutions and building our future. It's just a great organisation because you are the master of your own destiny, I have experienced it myself!

Meet Dominika

People and Culture Business Partner, Global Supply Chain

At Imperial, team spirit is key. Through diversity, openness, authenticity and respect we build trust within the team creating the opportunity and passion to act with enthusiasm, look to the future, identify opportunities and challenges for future development. We're not afraid of failures because we learn from them, share experience and develop better solutions.

An individual employee approach is important to us including individual development plans taking into account individual needs, ambitions and development opportunities - you are the author of your development path! We encourage learning and development through our global learning platform; internal and external training sessions; local, global and cross-functional projects; global development programmes and mentoring. Development, personally and professionally, is our priority.

Meet Andrew

Head of Quality Compliance

We need to be quick and agile - responding to shifting consumer needs is how Imperial is going to win and we need a Global Supply Chain which is truly enabling that. That's what we're building as a function and in our new Hub. The new integrated end2end approach places ownership for the whole chain in one team, this means that decisions are taken where it really counts and where they can be most rapidly acted upon.

We're looking for engaged and forward thinking individuals to shape the way forward, to set up the Supply Chain and all its complicated interfaces in the most efficient way to get our products to our consumers. We empower our employees to challenge, their voice heard and that the power of our collaboration builds Imperial for the future.

Meet Patricia

Head of Global Distribution

Our new approach is not only a step ahead, it's a step towards agility, efficiency, transparency, supporting sales growth and designed to respond to Imperial's move towards a more consumer centric organisation. It's a complete transformation of how Supply Chain operate, collaborate, communicate, align and drive growth and sustainability.

Imperial is a company with multicultural as part of its DNA. Level is not a barrier, and leadership teams are easy to approach, exchange with and eager for feedback. The spirit is a “one team” one, highly focused on delivering. There is a natural will to collaborate and learn from each other, in a very friendly atmosphere. We enjoy!

Meet Erik

Head of Operations Planning

When you love to learn new things and are energised by change and challenges, you should join Imperial. We understand the importance and value of an accountable, integrated Supply Chain, that plans, sources, makes and delivers with the use of new technology. We believe an excellent and professional Supply Chain team is a competitive advantage to deliver value and growth in a business.

Our dedicated hub in Warsaw is a centre of Operations focussing on core supply chain capabilities e.g Planning, Logistics, Product Realisation, to drive value and reinvestment. We're improving effectiveness and efficiencies, adopting an E2E approach from sales forecasting to fulfilling customer orders in the market. Our centralised hub will ensure better integration and synchronisation, increase our agility to market needs while improve service level and customer satisfaction.